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Dec. 29th, 2013

no one's reading..

oh hi! :) i know that no one's reading this so... seeyouu soon! got nothing to say. im so lost,empty right now. jyaa ne! bye -.-

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Nov. 18th, 2012

Yamada's Solo Debut

Yamada having an album of his own? am i correct? hihi. sorry. i just received a message this morning bout this. seriously, im happy for him. we should be. right? but at the same time, i can relate to the others who are, you know, overreacting, saying he'll be leaving JUMP? gaaaahhddd! lets give him our trust and support! we do trust him, aiyt? He will not leave. I believe in him :)

on the other side, yeaaa. it hurts if that would happen. actually, i had a feeling bout that last last year. that he may be like Jin or Yamapi. i dont know. i think i felt that because i get how he'll be like if he goes on solo. he's good. :) 

BUT it is still impossible. Yamada loves JUMP way too much just to leave them? nah!

HAHAHAHA. btw, havent seen the post confirming he'll have one or already have. :) i just want to relay my opiniom ^^


hi minna~!
tadaima :D
hisashiburi neeee?

i miss Fangirling sooo muchiee as i miss my fangirlfriends and ofcourse, HeySayJump and Johnny's >3<
lately.. im more into anime and kdramas :D jdramas too! i watched Sprout and Bakaleya! <3 
gaaaah! im falling for Jesse Lewis! he's so adorable! i wanna cuddle him! :3 i also love how his eigo doesn't have any accent. way different from Keito's. but noooo, im not against Keito. i love him just like how i love them all <3

so yeeaaaa, TADAIMA :)

Dec. 4th, 2010

his lips ~

kyaaa ~! <3
idk why but i love YAMADA's lips. especially when i watched NYC's yuuki 100% recording ~
hahaha. better watch it guys :D
i know im a lil bit late with this thing but it really made me 'kyaaa' kileeeeg ~ <3 HAHA !

so.. off to go now.
oyasuminasai ~ :D

Dec. 1st, 2010

tired but still busy ~

all day long ~ ive been thinking of what will we do on our project, advent wreth, and also some of our contest for tomorrow's MATH fair :|
we're all pressured because we are the reigning BEST BULLETIN displayers :D haha.
and we always win the 3rd place CLEANEST CLASSROOM, eventhough we dont have a clean room, sometimes nyaa ~ :)) everytime they announced it we just get a 'wth! we won?! o.O LOL.' hehe ^^

however, i still manage to listen to HEYSAYJUMP songs :) <3

currently: searching informations for the bulletin :D

Nov. 30th, 2010

first ^^

 hello :)
as you can see. im new here.
so bear with me :D

here's a lil thing about me :)

you can call me GRACiE or shii.^^
im 15years old and currently a senior highschool student here in the Philippines.
and also! im pure pinay! XDD

-- sensitive.
-- moody.
-- snobbish.
-- masungit.
-- maldita.
-- a joker sometimes?
-- teaser (to my sis & friends)
-- a jolly person.
-- easy to be with.
-- honest to friends.
-- thoughtful.
-- lovable.
-- careless.
-- a person that cant easily forget the things u’ve done to me.
-- a person who always complain(as BESTiE said?XDD)
-- a CRAZY person.
[not true? YELL at me! ]
[something missing? BUZZ me! :D]

i love …
--eating sweets.
--pink, blue, green and purple.
-- making friends.
-- chatting with my friends.
-- texting.
-- surfing the net.
-- GOD.
-- anime & manga.
-- hey say JUMP♥ ; JPOP.


yoroshiku ne :)
thanks for reading.

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